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Movement Bodywork

Movement Bodywork, founded by Samuel Hobbs LMT, is devoted to restoring and improving stability, mobility, and strength for a more effective, pain-free and functional existence.

Working with organs, neural tissues, blood vessels and their respective connective tissues—tendons, ligaments, bone, muscle and fascia—we address the body as a whole interconnected unit. We free up the restrictions in the fascial fabric of our bodies we've come to know as injuries and “old age.”

Working with your needs and goals, and utilizing visceral, neural, fascial and structurally focused techniques, we can establish a more functional existence in your everyday life.

Quick Introduction

How do organs relate to pain and movement?


"Hey there folks. Samuel Hobbs here with Movement Bodywork.

People often ask me "how it is that organs actually relate to movement?"

To that question, I answer with this:

Imagine you're driving down the road in a car, that is your body; and up ahead you see a pothole—a restriction in your path of movement.

So, instead of driving into that pothole, you just simply move around it protecting your car—your body.

So imagine now you're asking for movement in your right shoulder and you have a restriction within your liver.

Well, you no longer have access to the same amount of spinal rotation, rib mobility, and shoulder girdle mobility that you had before without that restriction. So what ends up happening is you start compromising the shoulder joint itself.

Strength and power are decreased; and your potential for pain and injury are increased.

That is how organs relate to movement.

If you are interested to learn more about what it is that I do and how I do it, or would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out."

Samuel Hobbs

Samuel Hobbs LMT #20584

Samuel Hobbs, BS, LMT, is an instructor of movement and athletics, working with professional dancers, athletes, and children since 2007, and is the current Artistic Director of the Portland based dance company push/FOLD.

Utilizing the Osteopathic methods of Visceral, Neural, and Vascular Manipulation, Samuel's bodywork practice specializes in working with deep-seated conditions affecting the structure, movement, balance, and pelvic health of his clients.

Outside of the clinic, Samuel enjoys sharing his passion for the human body as a teaching assistant with the Barral Institute, and as an instructor, mentor, and professional resource for new and experienced manual therapists. To schedule, and for inquiries as an educational instructor and mentor, please email me at: samuel@movementbodywork.com.

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What Others are Saying

I've had multiple sessions with Sam, and he has entered each one of them with a very sincere, compassionate, and comprehensive approach. He works to get the root of any issue, and with a very in depth knowledge of the entire body, he seems to always succeed. Holly S.

Sam can intuitively locate the areas that need work. Not only is he attentive to your needs, but he leaves you feeling genuinely​ cared for. Hannah P.

Samuel Hobbs has really helped out my family with body work. Effects are near immediate and benefits are felt for months. I highly reccommend his work. Jeff C.

Sam found areas of my body that needed work that I didn't even realize at first. Jamie M.