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What to expect during a session

A typical session lasts between 80-90 minutes.   We will review your concerns and goals at the beginning of the session, and do a precursory assessment of where your body is that daypostural assessment, palpation, and movement.   Throughout the session, I will be moving your limbs, and joints, and may ask you to engage muscles while I work with your tissues. This provides a penetrating effect without causing structural damage to underlying muscles and tissues common with "deep tissue" squishing.   Expect to step off the table and check our progress a few times during the session. This allows us to tailor the session to your goals and needs, and hone in where to work next.   The session concludes using integrative techniques, a final check in with your body, and communication regarding your future treatment goals.   My goal is to give you the most effective treatment possible in the time that we have. I want you on my table getting work done. The more clear we can be with our assessments, the more effective the session will be.   You are an integral participant in your treatment.

What to wear during a session

I will need to see your structure as you stand and move. Please wear comfortable clothing which allows direct access to your skinathletic shorts, boxer briefs, or full coverage underwear, and light camisoles, or t-shirts are common.   Please avoid wearing spandex type undergarments around your waist and pelvis, as well as sports bras and bras with under-wires. These types of garments add tensions into the body which can mask signals of imbalance that we need to address for an effective session.   Other undergarments may be worn as long as they cover personal areas, and you are able to move comfortably and freely throughout the session. Cotton undergarments work well.   Great lengths are taken to protect the modesty of you and myself. If you have concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know before, during, and after the session.   This is your session. Adjustments are easily made.   * Fibromyalgia appointments can expect to remain fully clothed with light yoga type wear, though dressing down to your comfort level may be necessary. Additional draping using a sheet may also be used depending on the goals of the session and your comfort.

Where do I go?

I take appointments in Portland at my NE Broadway office in Portland, OR.   Things to consider to ensure a positive experience:

  • Time - Please ensure you have time, and can make your appointment
  • Comfort - It is important you feel comfortable. Contact me with any and all questions or concerns before during and after your session.
  • Education - Read through the information on this web site about what a typical bodywork session entails or contact me.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations require 24 hours notice or the full session fee may be charged.   If you have an illness, injury or surgery, please contact me so a decision can be made about rescheduling.   Please ensure that you have enough time, and that you will make your scheduled appointments. Any missed or late-show appointments, or I am unable to find parking during a mobile session, are liable for the full session rate.

How much and how can I pay?

We accept cash, check and credit card payments.

  • 80-90 minute session: $110.00

Rates are set to ensure that health-care is accessible and affordable. Prior arrangements for other payment options can be made.

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"Sam was such a great presence to have working on my back!"

~ Alexa J.

"Sam's methodical working of muscle groups and confident, assuring techniques... spot on."

~ Ben H.

"Sam found areas of my body that needed work that I didn't even realize at first."

~ Jamie M.

"Deep tissue was on point. I felt much relief! Thanks."

~ Ryda T.

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