Movement Bodywork, founded by Samuel Hobbs LMT, is devoted to restoring and improving stability, mobility, and strength for a more effective, pain-free and functional existence.   Working with organs, neural tissues, blood vessels and their respective connective tissues—tendons, ligaments, bone, muscle and fascia—we address the body as a whole interconnected unit. We free up the restrictions in the fascial fabric of our bodies we've come to know as injuries and “old age.”   Working with your needs and goals, and utilizing visceral, neural, fascial and structurally focused techniques, we can establish a more functional existence in your everyday life.

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What Others are Saying

"Sam's methodical working of muscle groups and confident, assuring techniques... spot on."

~ Ben H.

"Very Effective"

~ Jason H.

"Having fibromyalgia, massage often leaves me sore. This felt highly effective."

~ Itai D.

"Sam was such a great presence to have working on my back!"

~ Alexa J.

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